Abachi Staking Launch — 28th Jan

3 min readJan 19, 2022


Hello All — here is a quick update on the Abachi Staking launch.

As we have repeated multiple times since day 1, no code we ship goes out without an audit, we plan to stick to that plan and will be waiting for Paladin to return to us with an audit. They have committed that the audit should be completed by Jan 27th and we will then go live 28th. Paladin is an amazing auditor to be able to tackle something this complex in such a short amount of time. You can view our current audit reports here and here or on our github.

Abachi will be the first Olympus fork to go live with audited v2 contracts . Other projects have not even attempted to fork v2 yet (that we know of).

While the audit is running, the dev team is still engaged with them and any issues identified will & are being fixed right away without waiting for the entire report. This will ensure we can go live on January 28th. If critical issues are found they will first be discussed with Olympus DAO and then submitted to them via Immunefi bug bounty. We will update our community if any submissions are made.

Why the delay?
Olympus v2 contracts are relatively very new. Olympus DAO went live with them 30 or so days ago and there is no official audit that we have seen for the v2 yet. As we understand they are currently under audit. We cannot push this forward without review.

The Olympus migration was completed and they published an article today which explains the completion and changes from v1. Read article.

Why Paladin?
Some in the community have asked why we chose paladin. There were a few reasons for this.
1. We wanted an auditor currently not auditing Olympus v2 Code and is completely independent.
2. We wanted a Tier1/Tier A auditor that understands the code inside out and is actually a choice for the leading fork.
3. Paladin have been extremely professional, quick and responsive.

Paladin is the official auditor for wonderland also, they understand what needs to be done here and how important this is and are still as independent as possible from Olympus DAO.

What Now?
We understand the community was looking forward to staking, and this adds additional days to it. However, we remain committed to security above all. In the meantime though:
1. You can verify our contracts on github.
2. You can verify our contracts deployed on Rinkeby, Mumbai, Kovan & Goerli testnets (yes we went a bit overboard with testing, you can load the contracts into tenderly and search for deployed).
3. You can play the Abachi games posted in our discord to earn OHM or ABI.
4. You can get get a job with us and help us launch the next chapters.

What Else?

  1. We have a scheduled AMA with the ChainLink community and how Abachi will be using their feeds & keepers. Invite and announcement will be coming out tomorrow. This is scheduled currently for Jan 22nd.
  2. The policy team will be publishing details on rewards, bonding & rebalancing. Once posted these will all be voted in by the policy team and put up as a framework for the community to vote on.
  3. New website will probably go up much before the actual dapp.

As always, Abachi is a bet for the longer term. We are here to build the rails to a financial future inclusive of all DeFi and TradFi and this means we need to take each step carefully. You are here early, and with our success you will compound any stake in the system.