Abachi Web App is LIVE!

3 min readJan 28, 2022


Yep, the wait is finally over. We’re live with our bonding & staking dApp!

It took a lot of blood, sweat & tears, and we’ll talk about it all in detail later, but let’s head right into the good stuff.

Head on over directly to app.abachi.io, or you can visit the main website www.abachi.io and select Web App from the top menu. Both lead to the same destination.

You’ll notice that the interface is rather familiar. Call it a hat-tip to Olympus DAO or a necessity to cut down on the launch time frame, but it should be quite self-explanatory. We’ll be improving this a lot as we go along.

The dashboard has some key metrics like current circulating supply of ABI, total treasury value and split of gOHM and DAI tokens, as well as the current APY on offer. On the left hand side, you’ll be able to see the discounts on current Bonds on offer.

These numbers will keep on updating as the platform grows & evolves day by day, but let’s talk about some important ones.

APY: We’re launching with a Reward Rate of 0.51 which should give us an APY of roughly 26,000% if 100% of ABI are staked. Lesser the ABI staked, higher this number becomes. This, however, will be coming down over the coming days as Policy & Governance teams take charge and decide to make adjustments in the best interest of the protocol. So early stakers stand to gain more as time passes.

The first epoch will be in roughly 8 hours. That is when the first rewards will be distributed to all stakers, so as long as you stake your ABI before that time, you will earn the first rebase. There is no warm-up period in our case, and you will get the rewards from the very first epoch.

Bonds: Bonding is one of the primary revenue sources of Abachi Treasury. So by buying bonds you are not only getting a very nice discount on the market price, you’re also helping Abachi grow and become stronger. Think of it as investing in the future of your investment.

Current bonds on offer are DAI, and ABI-DAI LP pair. These are both at a steep discount, but that is also for a limited time. These discounts will come down swiftly over the coming days as revenue targets are met for the treasury.

Make sure that you’re connected to Polygon Mainnet in your Metamask, and then click the Connect button in the top right of the page. Choose Metamask and allow the dApp to connect to your account. Now you’re ready for action!

If you wish to Stake your ABI, simply click Stake from the left-side menu and it will take you to the Staking area. If you’re interested in bonding some assets, click the Bond option fromm the left-side menu.

The Wallet option on the top right will show you your current ABI assets, as well as provide direct links to buy more ABI from Matcha or Sushi if FOMO starts to set in.

To see a detailed walk-through of how it all works, check out this quick video below.

As always, our mods, Champions, and founders are ready to help in our Discord in case you run into any issues, or have any questions.

This was a major milestone and we’re officially open for the world. It couldn’t have been possible without the support of our amazing team, partners, and that crazy thriving community of Abachies that kept us going when we thought we couldn’t anymore. So feel free to have a drink and raise a glass to yourself, no matter which group you fall in. Onwards!