How to setup Polygon and Acquire DAI

  1. Setting up Polygon network in your Metamask
  2. Getting funds into your Polygon wallet in Metamask

Section 1: Set up Polygon Network in Metamask

Simply head on over to which will look something like this:

Section 2: Getting funds into your Polygon Metamask

Now that our Polygon wallet is ready to accept funds, we now need to send some over to it. There are cheaper ways and there are expensive ways. We are going to show you the cheapest way to send funds over and convert them to DAI, but that is a 2-step process:

  • Step 1: Send over MATIC tokens.
  • Step 2: Convert MATIC to DAI

Step 1: Send over MATIC tokens:

First, we’ll address the users who currently have their funds in an exchange, and then we’ll guide the ones with a private wallet.

  • My Funds are in a Crypto Exchange:
  • Binance:
  • But ser, Polygon network is suspended!

Step 2: Convert MATIC to DAI

This bit is fairly simple. If you’ve ever used Ethereum Mainnet, you know that transaction fees are a scary topic. Even a small transaction can cost close to $100 on a given day in gas fees. Well, no such troubles on Polygon! Transactions here cost fractions of a cent (!) and move much faster than on Ethereum Mainnet. Let me show you real quick.

  • Make sure that your network in Metamask is Polygon Mainnnet.
  • Make sure you’re in the Swap tab of the Sushi app.
  • In the Swap from field, search & select MATIC.
  • In the Swap to field, search & select DAI.
  • Check and make sure that you leave at least a couple MATIC in your account to cover the transaction fees. A single MATIC should be good for at least 50 transactions so you’re well covered here.



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