ABI-DAI LP Bonds: What, How, Why?

The What?

The How?

The Why?

  • Once the ABI market price goes back above the bond price, you will be able to buy more ABI at a great discount.
  • Bonding LP tokens provides deeper liquidity in the pool and creates more price stability for transactions. As a result, large buy/sell orders have lesser price impact. Users will face less slippage if they place a large order, and holders will see smaller red candles if someone dumps a large quantity of tokens into the market.
  • By bonding liquidity into the protocol, you allow Abachi to earn profits off transaction fees from within that pool, which is a good revenue source for Abachi Treasury. This makes the protocol stronger and increases the backing value of the ABI tokens you hold, thereby making your investment go up in value.




Enabling DeFi for the traditional world

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Enabling DeFi for the traditional world

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