Composable x Abachi — Hackathon

Hackathon: Abachi x Composable Finance

We are starting the new year off with a bang! Abachi and Composable Finance have joined forces to host 2022’s first hackathon with $10,000 going to the winning project. Even though we are looking for a clear winner, we are determined to allocate our resources to support all the innovation that showcases potential and aligns with our vision. Thus, any project that does not win is still encouraged to apply for funding and support through Abachi and Composable Finance’s grant programs after the hackathon.

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Details of the Hackathon

The hackathon will run from January 20th, 2022, to January 31st, 2022. In order to participate please enter your details in this form.

Participants will have access to a variety of novel functions through the Composable SDK, such as:

  • cross-layer transferrals,

It is important for participants to read up on the SDK docs and Mosaic:

SDK — Docs


Mosaic is a liquidity solution layer and will soon launch with uncapped TVL, active and passive liquidity from any layer, and even more supported networks and tokens. Through the Composable SDK, other projects will be able to leverage Mosaic to create a significant amount of cross-chain and cross-layer opportunities.

The Focus

The hackathon is an open playground for developers and teams to utilize the already available toolset of the Composable SDK to create further solutions, tools, and applications for gOHM or OHM.

We have outlined some focus areas as potential ideas for participants, but are completely open to ideas that are not mentioned herein:

Single-click liquidity mover.

  • Currently moving liquidity is not easy, you need to bridge it using a bridge while ensuring there is enough liquidity on the other side of the bridge.

Token Swap
Build token swap mechanism for gOHM or OHM between Ethereum mainnet and Polygon using the Composable SDK.

Result Decision Process

Dedicated members of the Abachi and Composable teams will independently rank the submissions to determine a winner with two options for reward distribution:

  1. If there is a clear winner that team will receive the entirety of the $10,000 prize.

Stay Tuned

We are excited to see builders utilize all this technology and knowledge to produce meaningful innovation for an interoperable future. May the best team win and don’t forget to fill out this form to enter the competition.



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