Abachi Official Liquidity Pool on Sushi Swap

2 min readJan 4, 2022

When? Jan 6th 11am UTC.

To facilitate some price discovery before we launch staking, Abachi will lock some tokens into a liquidity pool. This gives the markets roughly two weeks to settle on a price before staking goes live.

  1. Abachi will lock 15,000 ABI tokens into an LP on Sushi Swap and will also enable aABI -> ABI redemption on our website. As mentioned above, this is scheduled to go live on Jan 6th 11am UTC.
  2. We will launch the ABI-DAI pair. So if you need to acquire some DAI we recommend you use a service like 1inch or Curve since DAI liquidity is quite high on both.
  3. The pool will be launched at the price of $20/ABI which means 300,000 DAI and 15,000 ABI will be provided.
  4. To ensure there are no massive spikes or falls, Abachi will reserve an additional 2500 ABI tokens and add them into the LP if it sees liquidity is not enough or abnormal price behaviour due to bots.
  5. If there is no need to manage the LP position with 15,000 ABI, Abachi will launch a separate ABI-gOHM pair using the remaining 2500 ABI tokens.
  6. As mentioned in our discord many times before, we urge users to wait until the official pool launches to make any buying decision.
  7. The LP will be locked for 6 months, meaning Abachi cannot withdraw this liquidity for the next 6 months. The tokens you purchase off this LP will not be locked, and you are free to trade/swap them however you like.
  8. The Abachi website will be updated to include a link to the sushiswap pair 15–20 minutes after the launch. The link will be shared on Twitter and Discord as soon as it goes live, so keep your notifications on!
  9. We are currently working on getting some farming rewards approved for ABI which would help bootstrap more liquidity. We are also working on getting logos and information updated.
  10. Since CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap & other websites require a traded pair in the market to be listed, we will be contacting them immediately after the LP goes live.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us in our Discord, Telegram or Twitter.