What is Abachi?

End Goal v1
Abachi Core
Bonds you say?
  1. Abachi is currently in the process of forming a foundation that will govern over the entire staking system. This entity facilitates the governance and ensures we can decentralise it. It will move from a BVI to a Cayman islands foundation.
  2. Abachi has already formed a foundation in Singapore that will be the real-world arm of licensing the technology and building it. This will be funded by Abachi Governance and may also raise more capital as a separate entity.
  3. Abachi will partner with real-world companies that can integrate these technologies on day 1 and test with their customers (lucaplus).
  4. Abachi plans to partner with Olympus DAO for the longer term to work on Policy, Bonding and the technology that powers it all. No current partnership, but we would like to get there via dialogue.
  5. Abachi plans to fund & partner any other ecosystem projects that help its mission. e.g. Targeted hackathon with composable finance for two projects, funding for a decentralised yield aggregator (coconuts.finance) & dedicated price feeds & kyc on-chain via chainlink integrations.
  6. A different way to decentralise governance. Token alone is not enough, we will also be issuing NFTs that give you governance powers. This allows a more democratic way of governance and gives voice to contributors who may not have enough governance tokens.
  7. Your help.



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