ABI + SushiSwap — Trading now

SushiSwap listing is now live and Abachi has provided liquidity into the pool. Below you will find the details you need to trade this pair.

Dex Screener: https://dexscreener.com/polygon/0x81fd1d6d336c3a8a0596badc664ee01269551130

ABI Smart Contract Address: 0x6d5f5317308C6fE7D6CE16930353a8Dfd92Ba4D7


Address SushiSwap Liquidity Pool:


Pair: ABI / DAI

Chain: Polygon

Total circulating supply: 117,300 ABI

HOW TO Redeem aABI to ABI ← Read this
FAQs on LP ← Commonly asked questions.

About Abachi

⚡️Official Website







Enabling DeFi for the traditional world

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Enabling DeFi for the traditional world

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