mStable🤝Abachi — Abachi Treasury deploys $1.5M into mStable Save

Why we chose mStable Save as a decentralized stablecoin account holder:

  • Since its launch in 2020, mStable has consistently offered one of the highest interest rates for stablecoins (up to 14%) in a relatively safe manner.
  • mStable has achieved consistent partner ecosystem growth, including strong DeFi projects like Olympus Pro and APY.Finance.
  • The team and investors behind mStable indicate that mStable has a high bar for execution, and we are excited to grow with them.
  • Abachi will open up more proposals in its governance to utilize mUSD as a stable asset.
mStable Save (annualized 2021 APY compared)

About Abachi

About mStable



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